About our Foundation

Τhe Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation was founded out of the need to give direct financial and moral support to all those in need. We believe anyone can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate because as humans we have the gift of compassion and generosity – all we have to do is use it.

Meet the Founders

Andrey Dashin

Embarking on his financial career at a very young age, Andrey graduated from the Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics in 1996, co –founding the world renowned Alpari brand, by 1998. In 2012, he set to create his own company that would challenge the industry standards and elevate forex trading to a whole new level.  Forex Time (FXTM) was established and despite both companies’ huge success, Andrey still remains true to his personal core set of values: trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, innovation and progress.

Andrey Dashin is not only a successful businessman but he is also a devoted father and husband. Philanthropy plays a significant role in his life, dedicating a vast amount of time and energy to give back to the community and extend a helping hand to anyone in need. In 2005, he founded the Alpari Charitable Fund which is exclusively dedicated to helping orphaned and disabled children in Kazan, Russia. Andrey is very passionate about charity and believes that helping the less fortunate should be everyone’s responsibility.

Julia Dashina

Julia Dashina is also a graduate from the Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics. She had a short yet very successful career in Finance Management, hosted her own TV show in Russia and had her own column in a life-style magazine. Despite her popularity as a public figure, Julia decided that family was more important than a career and followed her husband’s business initiatives to the sunny island of Cyprus, which also became the home of their three beautiful children. Upon their arrival, the power couple set sail for establishing a new charity Foundation and giving back to their new local community. She now keeps busy with the day to day running of the Foundation, giving advice and finding new ways in how the foundation can raise even more awareness for those needed. She is a keen believer in kindness and volunteerism and tries to be a force of good by example.

Letter from the Founders

Dear Friends,

There are always many reasons behind starting a new charity with its own goals and initiatives. The primary reason for creating a personal foundation is to continue fulfilling our philanthropic mission on the beautiful island of Cyprus, which became our new home. Our core philosophy is this:

The ability to make a positive change, even to the life of one community, one family or one person, is and will forever be important.

We know that a lot of local initiatives are taking place to address local issues, but we also know from experience that the world can never have too much kindness, selfless giving and generosity. Our ten year experience in charitable work in Russia has taught us that like all things, nothing can be done without diligent planning and perseverance – without the sacrifice of time, money and hard work. And of course that nothing lasts long or is successful, if you do not have passion and genuine love for what you do.

We launched the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation with great expectations in mind and with great enthusiasm at heart. Cyprus has greatly enriched our lives, indulging us in its beautiful Mediterranean environment, rich culture, local warmth and hospitality.  We set this Foundation as a platform to get involved with the people of this region and help alleviate the struggles or suffering they may be going through. We are prepared to listen to the problems being faced here and to learn everything Cyprus and its people have to teach us.

We believe that happiness does not equate in materialistic gratification. We also believe that real help substantially contributes in improving one’s quality of life.

Your support in our new endeavor is welcomed and appreciated. Volunteerism takes many forms and however you may choose to help us, the goal and end result will always remain the same. Help those affected have a greater chance in life. Whoever they may be, no matter of age, color, gender or other social discrimination and prejudices.

Our Best Regards,

Andrey & Julia Dashin