FXTM and Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation Support Paphos Zoo

Nowadays, supporting zoos and proper safekeeping of animals is common practice. Animal welfare programs exist in the most famous zoos in Prague, London, Paris, New York, etc. Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation, together with global award-winning broker ForexTime (FXTM), decided to be a part of such project in Cyprus.

Since May 2018, all owls at the Pafos Zoo – a total of 11 birds from 5 different species – are under the care of Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation and FXTM. Owls have special housing conditions, and their upkeep requires a lot of resources in terms of time, effort and finance. In light of this, the Foundation and FXTM will fully cover the cost for safely maintaining owls at the Zoo.

Andrey Dashin, founder of FXTM and co-founder of the Foundation, has made the following statement: “Owls are associated with wisdom and the power of knowledge. We nurture and actively encourage the same principles in FXTM’s traders, holding seminars and workshops around the world and providing access to a plethora of educational information online.

We hope that the assistance we provide to the Pafos Zoo will not only make owls stay more comfortable, but also become a sponsorship example for other companies to follow. The animal kingdom is fragile and precious, and we must be held responsible for its preservation.”

Christos Christoforou, owner of the Pafos Zoo, had this to add: “We would like to thank FXTM and Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation for the warm and generous support they have shown to our Zoo. Through your assistance to all owls at the Pafos Zoo, you are making an invaluable contribution to the development of animal protection programs in Cyprus.”

The Pafos Zoo is the biggest licensed zoo in Cyprus. It is set in a lush and unspoiled natural environment of more than 100 000 sq.m, and is the island’s leading tourist attraction. It is home to an extensive variety of birds and animals from all corners of the planet, and its collection of parrots and venomous snakes is one of the largest in Europe.