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Official Launch of Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation

A charitable foundation with a Focus on Bettering Cypriot Society

Andrey and Julia Dashin officially launched their new charitable foundation today with a special press conference. The objective of Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation, which has been recently set-up by the renowned Russian couple, is that of offering support to Cypriot society, giving the opportunity to individuals and organisations in need to apply for financial aid.Press Conference_Photo_5

Speaking about the inspiration behind the set-up of the foundation between him and his wife- who have been residing in Cyprus since 2012- Andrey Dashin noted: “I believe that we all love this island regardless of our birthplace. We all see our own future and the future of our children tightly bound to Cyprus. But unfortunately, not all of us understand that we also have responsibilities towards it. We have responsibilities and should take appropriate action for the future of the island, for the future and prosperity of our society, and the overall future of our home.”

The prominent businessman- founder of ForexTime Ltd (FXTM), Chairman of the Board of Directors and shareholder of the Alpari brand- also shared his view that members of society, especially privileged individuals, should be socially proactive in order to keep our home safe and sound.

As his wife and well-known TV personality, Julia Dashina, pointed out: “Some years ago we chose to make Cyprus our home. We brought over our three children to raise them in this sunny and hospitable country. And the time came when we felt that we should and are able to give back to the country where we really feel at home. By establishing the foundation, we will also be able to raise awareness about problems that need to be faced, while encouraging others to help out.”

Press Conference_Photo_6Julia Dashina was also open about how becoming a mother changed her personality and made her more understanding and compassionate: “Maternity changed me completely. I became a more giving and understanding person. And it’s a big privilege and blessing to have the great chance and opportunity to help other people.”

“Indifference to the problems of other people is a sign of immaturity of the soul,” she added. “In my previous line of business I was described in print as being ‘beautiful’, ‘trendy’ or ‘fashionable’. But today, in the context of our charity, I would prefer to be described as being useful to society, helpful and giving. I would also like to be characterized as a person who dares to think that we can make our world a better place”.


It is worth noting that the foundation, which up until nowhas offered almost 40,000 Euro, will start off with an annual budget of approximately half a million euros, aiming to double the amount in 2-3 years’ time. It will work on a grant basis, paying diligent attention to the process of selecting eligible persons for the grants. Furthermore, the Foundation intends on actively and passionately promoting the act of volunteerism by encouraging young people to participate in charity projects and cooperating with local authorities and other NGOs towards this.

Press Conference_Photo_4During the conference, Andrey and Julia Dashin donated an amount of 15,000 Euro to the Cyprus Autistic Association. Subsequently, Tasoula Georgiadou, President of the Association, thanked the founders of the foundation for their generous donation: “It’s a great honour to accept this significant financial support from Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation. This donation came out of their own initiative. Once they were informed about our cause, their response was overwhelming. Such support is crucial for our Association to survive these difficult times and to be able to fulfil its mission”.

Andrey and Julia Dashin have years of experience in philanthropic activities, having founded the Alpari Charitable Fund in Russia in 2005, which received the “Philanthropist of the Year” Award for two consecutive years in Russia.